the Reasons




1. Because she can't keep her hands off him.

2. Because he's putting breath mints in his pocket and a condom in his wallet.

3. Because they got it on in an elevator.

4. Because he IS that good looking.

5. Because she knows she doesn't have any self-control around him.

6. Because he's seen her naked.

7. Because she wants to date him even though it's against the rules.

8. Because he knows she has potential to be a great surgeon.

9. Because they have an electric sexual attraction.

10. Because they JUST want to go to bed.

11. Because he wants her to take advantage again

12. Because he’s all for the kissing.

13. Because he likes her tiny ineffectual fists.

14. Because he likes the smell of her hair.

15. Because she keeps him in line.

16. Because he kissed her on the forehead.

17. Because she saved him.

18. Because they will never be just friends.

19. Because they shared a water and sandwich.

20. Because they held hands.

21. Because they're the Ross and Rachel of Grey's Anatomy!

23. Because he has faith in her.

24. Because they miss each other!

25. Because eventually feels a lot different than actually.

26. Because it's surprisingly painful.

27. Because he's NOT giving up his trailer.

28. Because he's still him.

29. Because it's the Holidays, ya know!

30. Because they said Merry Christmas!

31. Because Christmas makes you want to be with the ones you LOVE!

32. Because Meredith WASN'T just a fling!

33. Because he fell in love with her!

34. Because that love doesn't just go away because he decided to stay with Addy.

35. Because he wanted to know if she was alright.

36. Because they couldn't take their eyes off each other!

37. Because he LOVES Addison, but he's IN LOVE with Meredith!!

38. Because she can’t stand to be around him, but she can’t stand to be without him.

39. Because they have "a look". 40. Because he is so NOT over her!

41. Because those looks in the elevator spell only one thing... L.O.V.E!

42. Because he LOVES her. (present tense)

43. Because he only wants to help.

44. Because his love for Meredith is not just going to "pass".

45. Because he's still her McDreamy

46. Because the dog means everything

47. Because he'll always be there for her

48. Because we know he wanted to kiss her so bad!

49. Because he's her McDreamy.

50. Because they're waiting for 'it' to pass, but 'it' won't.

51. Because everything will be OK.

52. Because it's never going to be 'the last time'.

53. Because these experiences are only going to bring them closer.

54. Because true love never dies.

55. Because he won't let anything happen to her, no matter what.

56. Because it's undeniable.

57. Because he cares about her more than he wants to admit.

58. Because he's glad she didn't die.

59. Because he remembers the last time they kissed.

60. Because they want to kiss, everyday, for the rest of their lives.

61. Because Addison isn't the "she" he was talking about.

62. Because he's somebody she likes.

63. Because he is the person she imagined talking to her.

64. Because they'll be together VERY soon.

65. Because if aren't together soon, the Ferry boater’s will be forced to take action!

66. Because they can and will be friends.

67. Because no matter what happens, he'll still be her friend.

68. Because even though George is a good, kind person, he just isn't Derek.

69. Because she just wasn't ready to move on.

70. Because I didn't know that people who are "just friends" stand that close.

71. Because they're going to meet on the trail every-other day - for the dog of course!

72. Because they're 'just friends' - for now!

73. Derek just walked out of the room when he caught Mark/Addison but him just seeing Mark talk to Meredith made him punch the guy!!

74. Because with Meredith it's never boring sex for Derek.

75. Because they did it on prom night.

76. Because Doc really was a good dog.

77. Because she makes his stomach sick when she's being touched by the vet.

78. Because he can't help but look at her.

79. Because she can't breathe when he looks at her like that

80. Because they're soulmates!

81. Cause even Kate Walsh wants the Derek/Addison marriage to be over already!

82. Because one day love will be enough for them

83. Because in a split second, their lives changed forever.

84. Because he will be in love with her forever!

85. Because she couldn't ignore him for too long.

86. Because when he had a choice to make, he chose wrong.

87. Because he proved he was the one.

88. Because he loved her enough to walk away.

89. Because she doesn't want to hate him...she can't.

90. Because he has tried to protect her.

91. Because they're a condom addicted.

92. Because she was like coming up for fresh air, it's like he was drowning and she saved him.

93. Because "Derek I love you, in a really big way!"

94. Because she let him eat the last piece of cheesecake.

95. Because she pretended to like his taste in music.

96. Because they're incredible!

97. Because "pick me, choose me, love me!

98. Because she is glad he is in her tub and he is too!

99. Because they can be dull and lifeless together

100. Because life is good

101. Because they are taking it slow

102. Because we like their steamy bath scenes

103. Because they are together

104. Because Meredith's house is his Home

105. Because their one another's family!

106. Because Derek was right, once Meredith got to know him, she LOVED him!

107. Because Meredith was the 'she' he was looking for!

108. Because when the trailor is rocking, DON'T come knocking!

109. Because she drives him crazy in all the right ways!

110. Because he cant stop looking at her!

111. Because their exam sex was a BIG moment in 06!

112. Because the writers say great things are coming up for Meredith and Derek!

113. Because Derek wants Meredith to know all about him!

114. Because their giving it a second chance!

115. Because they both LOVE their ferryboats!

116. Because they invented making out in the Elevator!

117. Because if their in the elevator together, you'd better take the stairs!

118. Because the elevator for them is a special place!

119. Because Derek is Meredith's family!

120. Because of him, Meredith is no longer unhappy!

121. Because of her, Derek is no longer unhappy!

122. Because Derek always knew that he had no competition with Finn!

123. Because she's McDreamy's girlfriend!

124. Because they help one another with the crossword in the morning!

125. Because Derek said he'd see her at home, their just like an old married couple!

126. Because he's practically moved into her house, AGAIN!

127. Because when they see one another they both light up!

128. Because their meeting changed Derek's life in a split second, for the better!

129. Because when he was in quarantine he was thinking of her!

130. Because he wanted to tell her something however in the end he only wanted to tell her that he had been in love with her...FOREVER!

131. Because when their mad at one another you can tell they still love one another!

132. Because their never truely happy with anyone else!

133. Because their at their happiest when their with one another!

134. Because seeing one another lights up even the darkest most trying days!

135. Because they make Bath time enjoyable!

136. Because we cant look at our bathtubs and not have dirty thoughts!

137. Because their chemistry is liable to cause our tv's to melt every second their on it together!

138. Because she gave him his space yet he still wanted to be right there with her, with no space between them!

139. Because Mark was right she should start over, and she started over again with DEREK!

140. Because they got that Padded Headboard!

141. Because only they can make doing the crossword sexy!

142. Because they connect on all the Physical, Emotional and Mental levels!

143. Because they understand one another and no words are needed!

144. Because eventually their gonna know everything about one another!

145. Because when they DO dance he won't be looking over her shoulder, he'll be looking at her!

146. Because the thought of anyone touching her but him, makes him sick to his stomach!

147. Because the trailor is their Love Shack!

148. Because he's never going to be indifferent to her!

149. Because she always makes him feel something all the time!

150. Because derek is never playful with anyone like he is with Meredith!

151. Because he's tickling her!

152. Because in slow-mo it looks like he's going to lick her!

153. Because he's going to love her forever!

154. Because she is the love of his life!

155. Because were expecting do ridiculously adorable scenes to come up!

156. Because they'll be loving one another till the day they die!

157. Because we dont need fan art or fiction to provide for our needs, we've got the real thing!

158. Because he looks at her like he's seen her naked

159. Because he likes the glow in the dark condoms

160. Because they both love the Spooning!

161. Because they can communicate their love with their eyebrows.

162. Because Meredith is the woman that Derekhas ever loved/loves the most.

163. Because he wants to give her happily ever after.

164. Because he's her knight in shining whatever.

165. Because they save each other from drowning.

166. Because he looked for her until he found her in the water.

167. Because he only ever felt "that way" for Meredith.

168. Because they only have ever felt "that" with each other.

169. Because Meredith came back for Derek.

170. Because Meredith didn't want just moments with Derek, she wanted a lifetime.

171. Because she's all he has.

172. Because their sizziling chemistry is what singes our eyebrows and lashes.

173. Because he was upset she left the hospital without him.

174. Because even if she yells, even if he yells he will always show up at the end of the day.

175. Because with the tilt of his head, a smile and his eyes he conveys I love you to her.

176. Because they make each other bright and shiny.

177. Because they ARE magic, soulmates and true love.

178. Because it's Meredith and Derek.

179. Because their love is inoperable.

180. Because Meredith would hold a radio over her head outside of Derek's window for him.

181. Because they're proof that you can find your soulmate and true love when you least expect it.

182. Because Derek is the first man Meredith ever trusted.

183. Because Derek is more important to Meredith than her stupid intimacy issues.

184. Because even ghosts and exes know they're truly inlove and belong together.

185. Because they inspire fantastic avatars.

186. Because he offered to be her wingman.

187. Because he knows she's worth it to be loved.

188. Because she inspires strong reactions from him.

189. Because he know she's worth it/the effort.

190. Because they get and understand each other.

191. Because he gets a McDreamy look in his eyes when he thinks and talks about her.

192. Because he helped to try to bridge the gap between her and her father

193. Because even though she's difficult he loves her.

194. Because he wants to hover over her at the hospital.

195. Because he wants to hover over her in a different way at home if Christina would sleep in her own bed.

196. Because he would hurt someone if they hurt Meredith.

197. Because he loves to breathe her in.

198. Because they have a special countdown.

199. Because she turned to comfort him.

200. Because he wants to protect her.

201. Because she's his ten year plan.

202. Because after her triumph during surgery she looked to him with her special eyebrow communication.

203. Because he was happy she was successful during her surgery.

204. Because he listens to her breathing.

205. Because she's the most important thing to him above becoming Chief of surgery.

206. Because they can have an argument but still love each other unconditionally

207. Because what they want is exactly what they need- one another. (VO)

208. Because Derek has been inlove with Meredith since forever.

209. Because he will comfort her wherever and whenever.

210. Because they're each other's one true love.

211. Because breakups have NEVER been this HOT!

212. Because she knows he is the world's most perfect man!

213. Because he's addicted to her.

214. Because they're sexy friends!

215. Because he wants to marry her and have kids.

216. Because he wants a lifetime.

217. Because she knows she will be ready.

218. Because she can't stop seeing Derek.

219. Because he makes her feel safe.

220. Because they ask each other how the day was.

221. Because she wants to stay with him a little longer.

222. Because his real date is her.

223. Because their chemistry can't be replaced!!

224. Because she doesn't want him to date other women.

225. Because she doesn't want to lose him.

226. Because he wants to build a dream house with her.

227. Because the way he looks at her will never change.

228. Because he came to her.

229. Because he is Derek Christopher Shephard.

230. Because they have thumb sex!

231. Because they will be a "happy couple".

232. Because he wanted to stay with her.

233. Because he thinks about her even when he's with someone else...

234. Because they will suceed and they will dance their victory.

235. Because she is the right person.

236. Because they're pimps!

237. Because he hates when he fails to her.

238. Because he loses his mind when he can succeed with her.

239. Because it was never about the trial, but about her!

240. Because she build a candle dream house.

241. Because he wants more than kiss her.

242. Because Meredith and Derek are legend.

243. Because 'We can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart'

244. Because she doesn't build houses, but she did for him.

245. Because she planned a place for their kids.

246. Because they are going to make love at every inch of this house.

247. Because he will do everything with his conscience clear.

248. Because they will have the best Seattle's view.

249. Because she couldn't let he sells their land.

250. Because she wants to be extraordinary by Derek's side.

251. Because she wants their dream house.

252. Because "it's not about the kiss, it's about the moment after the kiss" Shonda

253. Because they are moving in together.

254. Because she gives him sex when he is wounded

255. Because he kissed her cheek 2 times in 1 episode!

256. Because the sofa hug was adorable!

257. Because she can't let her roomates go but Derek is part of her family.

258. Because yes, he still loves her!.